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Soft Carpet in Bedroom

Super Soft Carpet

Soft carpet may seem subjective, but it's influenced by three key factors: style, fibers, and denier, all represented and explained here.

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Super Soft Carpet


About Soft Carpet

Everyday experiences give us opportunities to enjoy common comforts throughout our home. For some, that's waking up and sinking your feet into super soft carpet. For others, it's settling into soft thick carpet for a family game night with the kids. Whatever it is for you, there's a perfectly soft carpet option to compliment your home. 

What Is Soft Carpet? 

Though carpet softness may seem subjective, it's actually influenced by three key factors: 

  • Style you choose
  • Fibers used
  • Denier

Denier Explained

When thinking about denier, you’ll first need to understand the general composition of carpet, which is made up of bundles of fibers. Each of those fibers is composed of little filaments. Those filaments can be thick or thin, and that thickness is communicated with a unit of measure known as a denier. The measurement began decades ago with silk, a single strand of which measures 1 denier. 

When carpet shopping, remember this general rule of thumb: The thinner the filament, the lower the denier and the softer the carpet. To the other extreme, a thicker filament results in a higher denier, including a thicker fiber bundle. This yields less soft carpet, often the kind you’re most likely to find in commercial offices and school buildings. 


When you imagine the ultimate super soft carpet, do you envision dense, luxurious, billowing strands? Maybe a sheepskin white or gray soft carpet? If so, you're not alone. Soft plush carpet with a high pile is a common choice. But it's not the only style that can feel good underfoot. Textured and patterned carpets can also provide just the right amount of give and cushion to make for a comfortable carpet to play on

Soft berber carpet, on the other hand, is a little more of a stretch. Its looped construction has a firmer feel, even with low denier fibers. For some homeowners, though, like those with a houseful of rambunctious kids, that's the perfect softness.


Softness doesn't necessarily mean that your carpet is weak. Thinner denier fibers are individually less durable, but the more super fine filaments per square inch, the stronger your carpet is

Both nylon and triexta are the most durable fibers available. When used in thinner deniers, it can result in perfectly soft carpet for living rooms and family rooms, where you’ll likely spend a lot of time on the floor playing games or watching movies. Polyester, another synthetic fiber, is similar, though slightly less durable and more appropriate for those rooms in your house that get less foot traffic. 

How to Clean Soft Carpet

Maintaining your soft carpet will require a bit more attention and care than sturdier carpet fibers and styles. Rest assured, the routine isn’t much different, though. Your carpet choice will come with specific cleaning instructions from the manufacturer. You’ll still want to regularly vacuum to remove dirt and debris, but be careful since super soft carpet strands are notorious for getting stuck around a vacuum's beater bar

The best vacuum for soft carpet is one with adjustable height and beater bars to help avoid snagging on your carpet fibers. As always, follow the warranty guidelines for cleaning and additional recommendations.


Though most carpets last several years, your carpet's lifespan will depend on a few factors, including the fiber used and the amount of wear it gets. A quality installation and routine maintenance that follows the manufacturer's guidelines also makes a big difference, which is why we suggest hiring flooring professionals to ensure a beautiful and proper installation. 

As you shop, don't forget to ask about the warranty available. Warranty protection offered at Carpet One Floor & Home takes the worry away and makes sure you've got a long-lasting investment you're happy with. 


Carpet installation is pretty straightforward, but it's also labor intensive and physically taxing. The process can involve either gluing the carpet down or stretching it into place. Though that sounds easy, it requires patience, experience, and an array of specialized tools. You’re off the hook, though, as our carpet products come with an experienced installation team, who can handle the job from start to finish. Opting for installation pros is the recommended way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the softest type of carpet?

Synthetic nylon or triexta fiber with a thin denier in a cut pile makes for a super soft carpet that's a great addition to cozy living rooms and bedrooms. 

Can you make carpet soft again? 

Soft carpet can feel less soft as it collects dirt, pet dander, and other debris. Depending on your product warranty, steam cleaning can rejuvenate nylon, triexta, polyester and other synthetic fibers, helping them return to their original glory. Always check with your manufacturer before undertaking any cleaning treatments. 

What is the softest carpet to walk on? 

A plush style with high pile nylon fibers results in a super soft carpet that feels good underfoot, perfect for your bedroom and living room. 

What type of carpet is most comfortable?

What's comfortable for you may not be so comfortable to another person. That said, plush carpeting boasts a soft, dense surface that's perfect for sinking your feet into. Casual textured carpeting in a thin denier fiber provides more structure while feeling soft as well. 

How do you get the softest carpet? 

You can find the softest carpet by selecting a thin denier fiber and a cut pile style with a density that meets your particular needs. If you’re overwhelmed by your options, try choosing a high pile, low denier nylon or triexta, which is one of the softest plush carpet choices available. 

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