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Polyester Carpet

An economical alternative to nylon, polyester carpet usually wears faster, making lower traffic areas like bedrooms and offices best for it.

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Polyester Carpet

Polyester Carpet in Living Room

What Is Polyester Carpet?

It's almost guaranteed that you've stepped foot on a comfy polyester carpet, whether you knew it or not! Since its introduction in the 1960s, polyester has become one of the best-selling synthetic carpet options on the market. Available in standard neutral favorites and bold colors alike, polyester carpeting is the perfect choice if you're searching for a high-luster look that won't fade. An economical alternative to nylon, polyester carpet fibers usually wear faster, making lower traffic areas like bedrooms and offices its ideal installation spot. 


With polyester carpet, it's easy to get the aesthetic you want, no matter your home's design style. These manmade fibers excel in all carpet types, whether you're looking for a luxurious, plush white carpet in the bedroom, shaggy polyester frieze carpet for a formal living room, or a resilient loop in the kid’s playroom. You won’t have to limit your color palette when you choose polyester carpet. The vibrant choices abound, ranging from popular earth tones and neutrals to bright, bold hues. 

Most of your options are actually solution-dyed polyester carpet, which means the dye was added to the chemicals when the fiber was produced, not afterward. Polyester carpet dye resists fading, so it can be a good choice for rooms where the sunlight and UV exposure is abundant. Embrace open windows and natural lighting without worrying about carpet fading!

Durability and Maintenance

Polyester carpet offers durability, but it doesn't have the bounce-back resilience of nylon carpet. Because polyester fibers are hydrophobic, they're inherently resistant to mold and mildew, naturally repelling liquids and most stains. Be careful of oil-based spills, which can stain if not cleaned up properly. 

Keeping your polyester carpet clean is key to its long life. Vacuum regularly to keep dirt and debris to a minimum, and make sure you spot clean accidents and spills right away by following the manufacturer's instructions. And when all else fails, you can opt for an annual deep clean to restore your carpet to its original glory. 


The longevity of polyester carpeting in your home will depend on several variables. These include:

  • Where you’re installing the carpet
  • The amount of traffic it sees
  • How well you take care of it over the years
  • If it's installed properly
  • The quality of the materials used

As you shop, we recommend looking into the warranty that comes with the flooring products you're interested in. At Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer warranty protection that lets you rest easy knowing you'll get years of life from your new carpeting.


Like other types of carpet, the installation process for polyester carpet can involve gluing it down or stretching it in. Along with experience, it requires patience, skill, and a litany of tools. We suggest hiring professional installers for the job. Their expertise will ensure you get the best appearance, durability, and longevity from your flooring investment.

Polyester vs. PET Polyester Carpet

If you’re wondering what the difference between polyester carpet and PET polyester carpet is, you’re not alone! In fact, it’s indistinguishable to the human eye since it’s basically a difference in chemical makeup. 

  • Polyester actually refers to the standard fibers derived from the combination of two chemicals: purified terephthalic acid (PTS) and monoethylene glycol (MEG). 
  • PET polyester carpet is an eco-friendly version of polyester fibers made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) chips that come from recycled plastic containers, making it perfect for eco-conscious shoppers. 

Nylon vs. Polyester Carpet

Those in the market for comfortable flooring often pit the two most common fibers against each other: nylon vs. polyester carpet. But, what are the differences between nylon and polyester carpets?

  • Nylon - Nylon's chemical makeup allows it to rebound easily from footprints of little ones constantly running down the hall or weekly vacuum marks. It also wears incredibly well.
  • Polyester - Even though polyester might be cheaper than nylon and all-natural wool, it’s also good to know that its manmade fibers may not hold up quite as well to constant wear and tear. In general, you can expect polyester carpet to show wear sooner than its nylon equivalent.

Keep in mind that both types of carpet are available in a range of product qualities. That means a higher quality polyester could outperform a lower quality nylon.

Polyester Blend Carpet and PET Polyester Blend Carpet

Blend carpets combine two or more fiber materials together to create a more affordable and better-performing option. The blend ratios and material combinations can vary. For example, polyester blend carpet often incorporates polyester or PET polyester and wool, resulting in a softer surface that's easier on your wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What polyester carpet dye is best? 

Your best bet is to opt for a solution-dyed polyester carpet when you're shopping for new flooring. This type has dye added to the fibers when they're created, which means long-lasting color and no fading. Polyester fibers are hydrophobic, repelling liquid and making them difficult to dye after the fact. 

Is polyester carpet any good? 

Yes! Polyester carpeting offers several advantages, including resistance to stains or mildew for accidental spills that you don't find for days. It's a more affordable synthetic option that's non-allergenic and available in a broad range of hues. 

What are the disadvantages of polyester carpet? 

Depending on the quality of your polyester carpet, the fibers can be less durable than wool or nylon and could show wear more quickly. Polyester can also mat when the fibers are pressed together for a long period, like when you place a heavy couch on your carpeting in the living room. You can avoid this problem with furniture sliders or coasters. Though polyester is innately stain resistant, it can be damaged by oil-based spills if you don’t clean them up properly. 

Is polyester carpet unhealthy? 

Carpet made from polyester isn't harmful, but it can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) if treated with flame retardants or similar protective chemicals, or if it’s installed with off-gassing adhesives. If you’re worried about these issues, consult your flooring professional during the installation process. They can find safe adhesives and protective treatments that are easier on the environment.

How long does a polyester carpet last? 

Polyester carpeting generally lasts between 5 and 15 years in most homes. Depending on the construction/quality, the amount of wear your carpet gets and how you've maintained it over the years will ultimately determine its longevity. 

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