• Jul 18, 2014
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To eliminate the wrinkles from vinyl or plastic outdoor tablecloths take aim with your fave styling tool: your handy dandy blow dryer. Hold ye  blower about 6 inches above cloth and use a setting hot enough to erase but not burn away those wrinkles. Unfortunately this does not work on  facial wrinkles!

Melon Bowl- Julie's Tips


This is a mani-friendly serving idea that looks good and is a great kiddie  task. Have them use an ice cream scooper to scoop out a variety of  different sized melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew) to use as serving bowls for salads (coleslaw, potato, tossed and fruit salad); condiments and desserts like ice cream or the fresh fruit they just scooped. When the get-together is over, toss the melon bowls out and viola – no muss or fuss!


You probably have a few extra pots gathering dirt in your garage from last year so give them a cool twist. Fill them with ice and add a little water, then stock them with single-serving refreshments. After the party, just let the ice melt, tilt and water the lawn! Tres eco-friendly!



Summer means we’re gonna be dealing with those annoying ‘n plentiful blood-sucking mosquitoes but fear not. Here are two ways to bite back:  Use outdoor fans since they can only fly in still air. And, plant or place Marigolds around your patio. Mosquitoes hate their smell so it’s a healthy repellent that will make your outdoor oasis look pretty too!

Marigolds- Julie's Tips


Got sandy hands, feet 'n hair from a day at the beach (or the sandbox)? No problem…Generously sprinkle some baby powder on your little ones footsies 'n legs and have them shake it all away before getting in the car or walking in your home on your nice clean flooring! Baby powder absorbs the moisture so sand won't stick! (Cornstarch works too!!)

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Julie Edelman- The Accidental Housewife

Julie Edelman is a well-known multi-media lifestyle personality who shares easy; real life time, money, and energy saving tips that maintain our home, family and manicure. And, though her solutions cause Martha, Heloise and the handyman to cringe, she brings a sense of calm, humor and camaraderie to millions like her who live on what she lovingly calls Hysteria Lane.  Julie appears regularly on the Today Show with Kathie Lee ‘n Hoda, Rachael Ray, Better TV and The Doctors.  She is a New York Times best-selling author of The Accidental Housewife:  How to Overcome Housekeeping Hysteria One Task at a Time and The Ultimate Accidental Housewife”–Your Guide to a Clean Enough House -a ‘must have’ home-keeping compendium. Julie contributes a weekly blog on RachaelRay.com; is the National Home-keeping Editor for Examiner.com: has a webisode series for Fox News Magazine and  ‘spreads the glove’ on her site, www.juliestips.com .  

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